Aviation Infrastructure and Personnel

The Aviation Infrastructure and Personnel Group is responsible for the oversight of aviation security, aerodrome safety, air traffic management, and communication, navigation and surveillance systems, and aviation meteorology. The Group also manages the licensing process for pilots, air traffic controllers, and engineers, and has oversight of the civil aviation medical system, flight training activity.

Deputy Director Aviation Infrastructure and Personnel Chris Ford
Group Executive Officer Dianne Parker

Personnel and Flight Training

The Personnel and Flight Training Unit is made up of the Licensing and Flight Training, and Medical Certification teams.

The Licensing and Flight Training team is responsible for the licensing of pilots, air traffic controllers, and aircraft maintenance engineers operating in the New Zealand civil aviation system, including the development of syllabuses and Flight Test Standards Guides, and also for the certification and monitoring of flight training and examination organisations.

The Medical Certification team manages the medical certification of pilots and air traffic controllers.

Manager Rob Scriven
DDI: +64 4 560 9431
Team Leader Licensing and Flight Training Mark Boyle
DDI: +64 4 560 9595
Principal Aviation Examiner David Harrison
DDI: +64 4 560 9465
Principal Medical Officer Dougal Watson
Team Leader Aviation Medicine Christine Harris
DDI: +64 4 560 9553
Licensing Adviser Suzanne Shirtliff
DDI: +64 4 560 9563
Licensing Adviser Christine Kirker
DDI: +64 4 560 9651

Regulatory Investigations

The Regulatory Investigations Unit conducts regulatory investigations on behalf of the operational groups to identify system failures. The investigations are mainly of three types: aviation-related concern (ARC) investigations; s15A investigations into the holder of an aviation document when deemed necessary in the interests of civil aviation safety and security, and enforcement investigations to recommend what action, if any, is appropriate in the public interest to enforce the provisions of the civil aviation legislation.

Acting Manager Regulatory Investigations Steve Pawson
DDI: +64 4 560 9538
Investigating Support Officer Jenny Harland
DDI: +64 4 560 9415

Aeronautical Services

The Aeronautical Services Unit manages the certification and surveillance of aerodromes, organisations providing dangerous goods training, air traffic services, aviation weather services, instrument flight procedure, aeronautical information and aeronautical telecommunications services. The Unit also designates and classifies airspace, including the processing of applications on objects affecting navigable airspace, such as structures, fireworks, rockets and efflux. The Unit manages notifications on construction, alteration, activation and deactivation of aerodromes, and performs aerodrome and heliport inspections.

For general enquiries, please emailĀ AeronauticalServices@caa.govt.nz

Manager Sean Rogers
DDI: +64 4 560 9522

Security Regulatory Unit

The Security Regulatory Unit monitors compliance and certification of aviation system participants requiring security oversight, such as airlines (domestic and international), the Aviation Security Service, Regulated Air Cargo Agents, air traffic services, and security designated aerodromes.

Manager Security Hugo Porter
DDI: +64 4 560 9637
Senior Technical Specialist Aviation Security Debbie Suisted
DDI: +64 4 560 9573