Air Transport and Airworthiness

Deputy Director Air Transport and Airworthiness Mark Hughes
Executive Assistant Diana Scrimgeour

Air Transport

The Air Transport Unit manages the initial certification and the ongoing surveillance programme for New Zealand airlines and certificated fixed wing operators as well as for foreign operators that fly to New Zealand. The Unit also provides technical input into rules affecting airline flight operations and certificates training organisations.

Manager Allan MacLean
DDI: +64 4 830 0517
Team Leader 121/129 Flight Operations Rod Buchanan
DDI: +64 4 560 9462
Team Leader 125/135 Flight Operations Alan Daley
DDI: +64 4 560 9622


The Airworthiness Unit is responsible for the design acceptance and certification of new, rebuilt or imported aircraft, and for aviation products. The Unit approves and monitors New Zealand design and manufacturing organisations and also maintains the Civil Aircraft Register and issues Airworthiness Directives.

Manager Shaun Johnson
DDI: +64 4 560 9444
Mob: +64 27 8019460

Technical Programme Manager
- Project management
- Policy and Procedure

Peter Sutherland
DDI: +64 4 831 0626

Team Leader Continuing Airworthiness
- Oversight of 145 Maintenance organisations
- Air Transport Operator Maintenance Control Organisations

Warren Hadfield
DDI: +64 4 560 9425
Mob: +64 27 5377325

Team Leader Product Certification
- Certification of aircraft products
- Design change oversight
- Surveillance of 145,146 and 148 organisations
- Supplementary Type Certifiates
- Modifications

Jason Ashworth

Team Leader Registration and Airworthiness
- Airworthiness Directives
- Certificates of Airworthiness
- Aircraft Registration

David Gill
DDI: +64 4 560 9579
Mob: +64 27 4512562

General Enquiries

New Southern Sky

New Southern Sky is a ten year multi-agency/organisation programme of work to deliver the 2014 National Airspace and Air Navigation Plan to modernise the whole of the NZ aviation system. The CAA leads the programme in partnership with the Ministry of Transport and Airways and delivers it in collaboration with the aviation sector. The New Southern Sky programme has its own website at

Director Steve Smyth
DDI: +64 4 830 0527
Programme Coordinator (NSS) Scott Earley
DDI: +64 4 830 2563
General Enquiries

Aerospace Programmes

The Aerospace Programmes Unit: manages New Southern Sky CAA internal projects; reviews ICAO proposals and manages ICAO projects; develops test and evaluation capability; delivers exemptions; and manages airworthiness avionics capability.

Manager Ray Harvey
Senior Administration Officer Heidi Jordan

Sector Risk Profile

Sector Risk Profile Lead John McKinlay
DDI: +64 4 560 9627
Mob: +64 27 4428463