Strategy and Governance

The Strategy and Governance Group comprises the Policy and Regulatory Strategy; Intelligence, Safety and Risk Analysis; Communications and Safety Promotion; Assurance and Risk; Planning and Performance; and Safety Investigation Units.

The Group promotes aviation safety through seminars, and by making publications and other products available to the aviation community. It conducts both accident and regulatory investigations, develops the CAA regulatory intervention policy for the civil aviation system, provides data analysis services, and develops the Civil Aviation Rules and Advisory Circulars.

Deputy Chief Executive John Kay
Executive Assistant Petro Mersham

International and Regulatory Strategy

The International and Regulatory Strategy Unit develops and designs the CAA’s regulatory intervention policy for the aviation industry. The Unit develops and maintains international relations with ICAO and other civil aviation authorities worldwide. The unit also provides policy advice to the Minister of Transport and the Ministry of Transport, and other government departments and agencies, responses to ministerial correspondence, parliamentary questions, Select Committee questions, and briefings to the Minister of Transport.

Manager International and Regulatory Strategy Mark von Motschelnitz
DDI: +64 4 560 9482
Principal Policy Advisor Brigid Borlase
DDI: +64 4 460 4721
Principal Policy Advisor Bryce Wigodsky
DDI: +64 4 560 9416

Intelligence, Safety and Risk Analysis

The Intelligence, Safety and Risk Analysis Unit provides data analysis services to the CAA and external stakeholders. The team collates the data and analyses aviation industry and participant performance, identifies trends, issues and risks, and develops sector risk profiles.

Manager Jack Stanton
DDI: +64 4 560 9568
Team Leader Safety Data Management Michael Campbell
DDI: +64 4 560 9605

Communications and Safety Promotion

The unit’s work is focused on liaison between the CAA and the wider community.

Its communications arm aims to ensure the public is aware of the role, responsibilities, and contribution, of the CAA in promoting aviation safety. It maintains constructive and positive relationships with the aviation community, the Government, media and the public. For more information on this role, see Public and Media Info.

The unit’s safety promotion activities involve raising the aviation community’s awareness of safe practices through seminars, magazines, posters, booklets, and DVDs. Vector magazine is mailed to every pilot, engineer, aircraft owner, airline company, and others in the aviation community every two months. The safety promotion team within the unit maintains the CAA web site.

Manager Communications and Safety Promotion Mike Richards
DDI: +64 4 560 9577
Mob: +64 27 2220290
Team Leader Safety Promotion and AIP Editor Rose Wood
DDI: +64 4 560 9487
Mob: +64 27 2717201
Editor and Webmaster Peter Singleton
DDI: +64 4 560 9635
Mob: +64 27 2852757
Aviation Safety Adviser (South Island) Carlton Campbell
Mob: +64 27 2429673
Aviation Safety Adviser (Maintenance South Island) Steve Backhurst
Mob: +64 27 2852022
Aviation Safety Adviser (Maintenance North Island) John Keyzer
Mob: +64 27 2130507
Aviation Safety Adviser (North Island) Don Waters
Mob: +64 27 4852096

Assurance and Risk

The Quality, Assurance and Risk Unit works across the organisation to support assurance and risk management capability by developing and helping implement frameworks, policies and tools supporting risk-based decision-making, working with business units to support the maintenance of best practice quality, assurance and risk management policies, systems and processes.

Manager Assurance and Risk Bill Dawson

Planning and Performance

Acting Manager Planning and Performance Lisa Rickard-Simms
DDI: +64 4 560 9576

Safety Investigation

The safety investigation team reviews accidents in order to improve aviation safety. The information gained from such investigations may result in safety recommendations being made, rule changes, the issue of Airworthiness Directives, changes to a company’s operating procedures, or recommendations of an educational nature.

To report an accident, phone: 0508 ACCIDENT (0508 222 433).

Report Occurrences Online

To report an aviation safety related concern call toll free: 0508 4 SAFETY (0508 472 338).

Manager Jim Burtenshaw
Team Leader Paul Breuilly
Administrator Safety Investigation Mary Huffadine