Pending Rules

Pending rules have been signed by the Minister of Transport and will come into force on the prescribed date.

Small Issues 2016-17 Rule Project

The objectives of the Small Issues Rule Amendments 2016/2017 project are to make a suite of distinct minor rule changes that are not omnibus changes but that also do not justify a separate rule proposal of their own.

The main amendments cover—

(a) reporting of tonnage carried on freight-only flights

(b) allowing maintenance on large balloons (capable of carrying 10 or more passengers) to be maintained under a Part 66 licenced aircraft maintenance engineer rated in the lighter than air aircraft category

(c) extending the period for review of airworthiness from one year to two years, for aircraft not used for hire or reward (for more info, see Review of Airworthiness Change 2017)

(d) consolidating the rules regarding the manipulation of flight controls into one rule, which applies to all adventure aviation operators

(e) Extended Diversion Time Operations (EDTO) requirements being brought into full alignment with ICAO Annex 6

(f) enabling a performance-based set of options for determining landing distance calculations for a runway

(g) creating a performance-based, globally-aligned requirement for sufficient electrical supply to enable an aeroplane that is used to conduct a Single-Engine IFR (SEIFR) passenger operation to land safely in an emergency

(h) empowering the Director to issue a notice in respect of flight training or persons performing an aircraft operation or aviation activity in a Robinson helicopter.

All rule amendments come into effect 30 Oct 2017.