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How to be a Chief Flying Instructor How to be a Chief Flying Instructor (PDF 763 KB)

Supervision, mentoring, money nous, time management: just some of the possible obligations a Chief Flying Instructor may have to their flight training organisation, its instructors and students. This guide outlines the basic responsibilities associated with – and the personal and professional qualities needed for – what is a complex, busy, and highly skilled job. It is designed to help aspiring CFIs, and those newly appointed to the job with what is expected of them, by the CAA, and their flight training employers.

Published May 2017
How to Navigate the Rules booklet cover  How to Navigate the Rules (PDF 627 KB)

Whether aviation is your business or pleasure, from the moment you enter the aviation world, you must follow the Civil Aviation Rules. They are made by the Minister of Transport in the public interest. The booklet explains the process, and includes a guide that gives you an idea of the rules that apply to your aviation activity.

Revised Jun 2016
How to Navigate the Rules booklet  How to Report Occurrences (PDF 1.4 MB)

Ever since the Wright brothers – and Richard Pearce – flew, aviators have looked at flying accidents and near misses to find out what went wrong, and how they can stop it happening again. How to Report Occurrences with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to report, what to report, and who should report, will help you do your bit to keep New Zealand skies safer.

Published Jun 2015
Cover - How to deal with an accident aircraft scene How to Deal with an Aircraft Accident Scene (PDF 473 KB)

This booklet has been prepared to provide guidance to the police, emergency services personnel, and others in relation to aircraft accidents. It provides information on the actions to be taken should they witness, or be required to attend, an aircraft accident.

Revised Jul 05
Cover of How to be a Pilot How to be a Pilot (PDF 1.4 MB)

Whether you want to fly a small aircraft during the weekends, or a Boeing 737 for an airline, you will follow much the same process initially. You will learn about yourself, the aircraft, the weather, the flying environment, and the rules pilots use to keep their flying safe.

Revised Jun 2011

Please note: There were changes to Part 61 on 15 Apr 2016 that mean parts of this booklet are now out of date. We recommend you consult the Part 61 rules and Advisory Circulars for the latest information.

How to Establish a Small Aerodrome (This is only on the web site, not a printed booklet)