Helicopter External Load Course

Applications to attend these courses have now closed.

The CAA will be sponsoring two one-day helicopter external load courses in June/July 2016. The courses have been customised to suit the New Zealand aviation system and will be delivered by Lift-It® Manufacturing Company, Inc – a California-based company with over 35 years experience in specialist external load training (the Lift-It® Sling Safety Programme).

Who Should Attend?

The course is intended for organisations and commercial pilots carrying out external load operations under Part 133, Part 137, or Part 135. It is also intended for ground staff involved in helicopter external load operations.

Why Should I Attend?

Over time, a number of accidents and incidents have occurred in New Zealand involving sling and other external load work. Specifically there have been 66 incidents reported and 20 accidents since 1990. Five of the accidents have been fatal. A number of incidents and accidents have been caused by the way that the load is prepared/rigged.

For many operators the reality is that external load rigging is a subject that, at best, is passed down from one generation to the next. At worst, the Kiwi can-do attitude sees loads being prepared using a trial and error approach. As an industry we need to improve our safety performance.

With the introduction of SMS, operators are being expected to manage the risks in their organisation. Clients also rely on operators to manage their aviation risks and are increasingly expecting operators to demonstrate how they achieve this. Appropriate training and use of equipment that is fit for purpose, are vital components in this process. Attending this course is a positive way to demonstrate your safety commitment.

The CAA is not aware of any other similar training being available in New Zealand at this time.

More information can be found in the NZHA Safety Notice:

Helicopter External Load Training (727 KB)

About the Course

Helicopter Training Curriculum Outline - 1 Day Course (132 KB)

The helicopter external load course will feature information on:

Long line construction – materials, design and selection.

Long line inspection – regulatory references, inspection frequency, records, inspection considerations and techniques, inspection equipment, identification and tagging, removal from service criteria.

Connection hardware – removal from service criteria.

Introduction to web and roundslings – materials, construction, limitations, ratings, removal from service criteria.

Introduction to – share of load, centre of gravity, load securement, flying and handling characteristics, dust abatement.

Course attendees will be issued an attendance certificate.

More information about Lift-It® training can be found on their web site: Training Programs

Dates and Venues

Wellington – 30 June 2016
Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
Level 15, Asteron Centre
55 Featherston Street
Wellington 6011

Christchurch – 4 July 2016
Sudima Hotel
550 Memorial Ave
Christchurch Airport
Christchurch 8053

Times: 0800 to 1700

Refreshments: Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be supplied.

Enrolment and Cancellation Policy

The CAA encourages early registration as spaces are limited, and demand is expected to be high. To secure a place on the course the enrolment form needs to be completed and returned, and payment made in full – $250.00 incl GST.

Your place on the course is not guaranteed until you receive a confirmation letter.

Application to attend Helicopter External Load Course (Fillable Word 59 KB)

A full refund will be available to students that request cancellation by 9 June 2016. Payment is not refundable for non-attendance.

Applications to attend these courses have now closed.


Credit Card

You will be contacted by phone on the number supplied on your enrolment form, by Marney Jamieson or Lina Taulima-Bidois from the CAA Finance Unit, to request your credit card details.

Your credit card details will not be used or retained for any purpose other than the helicopter external load course fee of $250.00 incl GST.


Post your cheque for $250 incl GST and a copy of your enrolment form to:

Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand, PO Box 3555, Wellington 6140.

Receipt: A GST receipt will be posted. No invoice will be issued.


If you have any queries please contact:

Elizabeth Parlakchief Senior Administrator Helicopter and Agricultural Unit
Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
PO Box 3555 Wellington 6140

Email: rotaryandag.administrator@caa.govt.nz
Phone: 04 560 9510