CAA Aircraft Register

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Reg Mark Man. Model Serial No MCTOW (kg) Name And Address
HBY Hughes 369HS 710330S 1156 A J Wilkinson 207A Redwood Street WITHERLEA Blenheim 7201
HER Hughes 369HS 810333S 1156 Wairarapa Helicopters Limited 194 Te Parae Road RD 10 MASTERTON 5890
HIA Hughes 369HS 990126S 1156 J D Walker P O Box 9099 Tamuning 96931 GUAM
HJB Hughes 369HS 110291S 1156 P J Sumner 93 Paradise Valley Road RD 2 Rotorua 3072
HOS Hughes 369HS 1190214S 1156 Specialist Helicopter Solutions Limited PO Box 199 PALMERSTON NORTH CENTRAL Palmerston North 4440
HQL Hughes 369HS 1220438S 1156 Station Air Limited 345 Montalto Road RD 8, Ashburton 7778
HTL Hughes 369HS 1240686S 1156 Talleys Group Ltd PO BOX 7064 Nelson Mail Centre Nelson 7042