CAA Aircraft Register

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Reg Mark Man. Model Serial No MCTOW (kg) Name And Address
DBB Cessna T206H T20608567 1632 D J Brown PO Box 99 Mosgiel 9053
JWH Cessna T206H T20609073 1632 Opiki Cropping Limited PO Box 614 Wellington 6140
NOK Cessna T206H T20608524 1632 Nokomai Limited Nokomai Road RD 3 LUMSDEN 9793
NVC Cessna T206H T20608185 1632 George Bostock Limited PO Box 2438 STORTFORD LODGE Hastings 4153
TDO Cessna T206H T20608358 1632 James Burn Trust 36 Knowles Street ST ALBANS Christchurch 8052