Continuing Airworthiness Notices

A Continuing Airworthiness Notice (CAN) is intended to alert, educate, and make recommendations to the aviation community. A CAN contains non-regulatory information and guidance that does not meet the criteria for an Airworthiness Directive (AD). The inspections and practices described in a CAN must still be carried out in accordance with the applicable NZCAR Parts 21, 43 and 91. CAN numbering is by ATA Chapter and a serial number for the next CAN in that ATA Chapter.

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General Advice

ATA Codes: 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 14, 18, 20

Applicability Subject CAN No. Issue Date
Onboard Systems Cargo Hooks P/N 528-023-02, 528-013-03 and 528-023-51 This (CAN) is prompted by a recent inadvertent load release during an external load operation due to a fractured conduit of the manual release cable. Prior to every external load operation the cargo hook manual release cable must be inspected for broken or kinked conduit, inner cable kinks, frays, or sticky operation. 05-005
(175 KB)
13 Sep 2016

MD Helicopters 369/500/600 - MRB Abrasion Strip Inspections

Disbonding of the abrasion strip on Main Rotor Blades (MRBs) fitted to MD helicopters.
MRB abrasion strip separation and disbonding can cause vibration and possible loss of aircraft control.
(18 KB)
07 Apr 2016
Tandem Parachute and Passenger Harness Maintenance All tandem parachutes and tandem passenger harnesses. 05-004 14 Nov 2012
Cessna SID Compliance All Cessna 100 and 200 series aircraft. 05-003 04 Sep 2012
Aircraft fitted with standard aircraft hardware MS 21042 / NAS 1291 series nuts. MS 21042 and NAS 1291 Series Nuts – Cracks due to Hydrogen Embrittlement 14-001 02 Dec 2011
SB Compliance Service Bulletin Compliance 05-002 15 Jan 2008
Unapproved Parts Suspected Unapproved Parts – M&M International Aerospace Metals 01-001 28 Sep 2006
Onboard Systems SB Onboard Systems Service Bulletin 159-015-00 05-001 Jun 2005
R22 & R44 Cargo Hook Gimbal Failure 05-001 Jun 2005
R22 Main Rotor Blade Failure 04-001 Jan 2005



ATA Codes: 21, 22, 23, 24, 27, 30, 31, 33, 34, 74, 77

Applicability Subject CAN No. Issue Date
Denso W24EMR-C spark plugs installed on, but not limited to Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopters Denso W24EMR-C spark plug fitted to a Cabri G2 helicopter may have been defective and contributed to an in-flight fire which subsequently destroyed the aircraft shortly after landing. 74-002 10 Aug 2016
All 406MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) beacons, including those ELTs with a panel mounted remote switch that is self-powered by an internal battery. ELT batteries must be replaced by no later than the battery expiry date specified on the ELT battery data label. 23-003
Rev 2
(18 KB)
15 Jun 2016
Champion Aerospace issued Slick SB1-15 to introduce a replacement K3008 distributor gear assembly with an improved electrode finger retention. Slick 4200, 4300 and 4700 series magnetos listed in Slick SB1-15 dated 7 February 2015 74-001 15 Jul 2015
All 406MHz Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELT) mounted with hook and loop style fasteners (also commonly known as Velcro®). Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELT) Mounting 23-002 16 Nov 2012
Plastic two part detachable flight Control Column hand grips fitted on numerous aircraft type. Control Column Grip 27-006 16 Apr 2012
All maintainers and operators of Microair Avionics T2000SFL Transponders. Microair Avionics T2000SFL Transponders 34-004 23 Sep 2011
All 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) beacons. 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELT) - Battery Replacement 23-001 Revision 1 23 Sep 2011
Aircraft fitted with Rockwell Collins TPR 901 Mode S Transponders Rockwell Collins TPR 901 Mode S Transponders P/N 822-1338-003, all S/N 34-003 24 Aug 2011
Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) Transponder inspections and tests required by CAR Rule Part 91.63. This rule part requires the transponder tests and inspections listed in Part 43 Appendix E. CAR Rule Part 43 Appendix E – ATC Transponder Tests and Inspections 34-002 05 Aug 2011
Honeywell MK XXII Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems (EGPWS) installed on helicopters Concern that older EGPWS software versions may result in unannunciated loss of EGPWS function. 31-001 29 Jul 2011
Mode S Transponder Mode S Transponder Maintenance 34-001 12 Jul 2011
Kelly Alternators Kelly Aerospace Alternators 24-001 02 Jul 2008



ATA Codes: 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 32, 35, 36, 37, 38, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 67

Applicability Subject CAN No. Issue Date
Pacific Aerospace Cresco 08-600 aircraft The aircraft maintenance manual provides instructions to ensure an aircraft can be maintained in an airworthy condition. 27-010 29 Jun 2016
Schempp-Hirth Discus b and Discus CS gliders - Flight Controls Incorrect installation of the stowage tray can result in an undetected gap between the tray and the aft bulkhead through which loose stowed equipment can enter the flight control system. 27-008 16 Mar 2015
Beechcraft models 23, A23, A23A, B23, C23, A23-24, A24, A24R, B24R and C24R aircraft Stabiliser Hinge Assembly Fasteners - Inspection and Replacement 27-007 19 Sep 2013
All AS350 series helicopters fitted with a resistance type Fuel Quantity Indication System (FQIS). AS350 Resistance Type Fuel Quantity Indication System (FQIS). 28-009 26 Sep 2012
All operators and maintainers of Cessna 150, 152 and A152 Series Aircraft. Cessna 150/152 Series Horizontal Stabiliser Spars - Cracks. 51-001 16 Apr 2012
Control cable end fittings manufactured from SAE AISI 303 Se stainless steel that have been in service for 15 years or longer. Affected cable end fittings include, but are not limited to P/N AN669, MS21260 and MS20668 eye end fittings. Control Cable End Fittings – Inspection and Replacement 27-005 Revision 2 19 Aug 2013
All operators and maintainers of single reciprocating engine Cessna 200 series aircraft with 15 years or more TIS since date of manufacture. Cessna 200 Series Horizontal Stabilisers 55-001 22 Sep 2011
Piper Aircraft fitted with a Gascolator All Piper aircraft models fitted with a Gascolator (also called a fuel strainer or fuel filter) to separate contaminants from the fuel system. 28-008 02 Sep 2011
All operators and maintainers of Robinson R44 series helicopters fitted with a hydraulic assisted flight control system Robinson R44 Helicopters Flight Control Hydraulic Servos 27-004 21 Mar 2011
Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) Fuel Cylinders used in Hot Air Balloons Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Fuel Cylinders used in Hot Air Balloons 28-007 25 Feb 2010
Pierburg Kraftstoff Electronic Fuel Pumps P/N 7.21440.530 28-006 02 Feb 2010
All Robinson R22 Helicopters Robinson R22 Main Rotor Drive System and Drive Belts 63-001 07 Sep 2009
Zenith, Zenair CH601 Aircraft Series Safety Recommendation 27-003 20 Apr 2009
C180 and C185 Series Aircraft Rudder Pedal Assemblies 27-002 08 Apr 2009
PA-31 Forward Spar Attach Brackets 57-001 06 Nov 2008
PA-31 Main Gear Retraction Arms P/N 42042-000 & P/N 42042-002 32-002 10 Sep 2012
PA-31 Nose Gear Link Assembly P/N 40336-000 32-003 06 Nov 2008
R44 Hose Unions at Fuel Control 28-005 06 Nov 2008
C172, C180 & C185 Primary Flight Control Yoke Inspection 27-001 04 Apr 2008
Fuel Caps Fuel Contamination due to Fuel Filler Cap Failure 28-004 03 Mar 2008
SR20 SR22 Aircraft Fuel System 28-003 28 Feb 2008
MD369 MDHI Torque Event Inspections 62-001 14 Dec 2007
Kelly Fuel Pumps Kelly Fuel Pump Diaphragm Assembly 28-002 24 Jun 2011
PA-34 Aircraft Hydraulic Pumps 29-001 20 Aug 2007
PA-34 Aircraft fitted with a Pneumatic Pressure Operated Gyro Instrument System 36-001 20 Aug 2007
Ethanol Blended Fuel Ethanol Blended Auto Fuel 28-001 20 Aug 2007
Tecnam Main Wheel Inner Tubes 32-001 05 Jul 2007



ATA Codes: 49, 71, 72, 73, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 85

Applicability Subject CAN No. Issue Date
Precision RSA-10AD1 Fuel Control Unit (FCUs) installed on, but not limited to Robinson R44 11 helicopters fitted with a Lycoming IO 540 engine Precision RSA-10AD1 Fuel Control Unit (FCU) - Possible Fuel Flow Restriction 73-003 25 Jun 2014
All Cessna 172N aircraft and Lycoming O-320-H2AD engines Cessna 172N & Lycoming O-320-H2AD Crankshaft Bearings 01-002 07 Sep 2012
All Robinson R44 series helicopters R44 Engine Exhaust - Cabin Heater System Failures 78-001 02 Sep 2011
Schweizer 269C-1 Post Flight Engine Checks Schweizer 269C-1 Post Flight Engine Checks 73-002 01 Mar 2011
Teledyne Continental Motors (TCM) cylinder assemblies fitted to engine models C75, C85, C90, C125, C145, O-200, O-300 and GO-300 series engines and Rolls Royce C90, O-200 and O-300 series engines. Teledyne Continental Motors (TCM) Cylinder Assembly Rocker Shaft Bosses 85-006 26 Mar 2010
Trelleborg Hydro K fuel and/or oil hoses Trelleborg Hydro K Fuel and Oil Hoses 71-001 11 Feb 2010
Lycoming Engines Lycoming Crankshaft Propeller Flanges with Lightening Holes 85-005 15 Dec 2009
TCM Teledyne Continental (TCM) Engines Crankshaft Gear P/N 657175 85-004 06 Apr 2009
TCM Engines Propeller Strikes and Hydraulic Locks 85-003 09 Oct 2008
R2000 Carburettor Heat Ducting 75-001 06 Aug 2008
Engines (Normally Aspirated) Normally Aspirated Engine Power Checks 72-001 15 Jan 2008
ECI Rings Engine Components Inc. (ECI) Plasma-faced Top Compression Rings 85-002 26 Oct 2007
Oil Filters Champion Oil Filters P/N CFO-100-1 79-001 05 Jul 2007
GA8 Throttle Cable 76-001 05 Jul 2007
ECI Cylinders Inspection of Engine Components Inc. (ECI) Cylinders 85-001 20 Nov 2006


Other Authorities Advisory Airworthiness Info

CASA - Airworthiness Bulletins (AWB)

CASA Media Release - Precautions for Jabiru powered aircraft

Subject Date
AWB 51-012 Issue 1 (78 KB) Potential cracks in the horizontal stabiliser attachment brackets of EC130 B4 helicopters:
The cracks appears to be isolated to the right lower bracket. Airbus helicopters are aware of these events and have developed a repair procedure for the attachment bracket (SB EC130-55-001).
16 Sep 2016
AWB 31-008 Issue 2 Gyroscopic Instrument Reliability
This AWB provides advice to enhance the reliability of instruments which utilize a spinning mass gyroscope such as the artificial horizon (AH) (vertical spin axis) gyro, the directional gyro (DG) and the rate of turn indicator gyro - often combined with a slip/skid indicator and called the “Turn and Bank”. The AWB is applicable to all aircraft fitted with spinning-mass gyroscopic attitude and navigation instruments, particularly air-driven gyro instruments.
09 Sep 2016
AWB 51-011 Issue 1 In EC130 B4 helicopters a crack may exist in the tail boom fenestron cone link area.
An overseas operator of B4 helicopters has found three tail booms with cracks in the cone link area.
02 Sep 2016
AWB 57-015
Issue 2
(88 KB)
The AWB is applicable to all Cessna 400, (except models 404 and 441) and 310 and 340 series aircraft, fitted with J&R Aerospace wing front spar lower attachment fittings P/N JRA-455-1.
The purpose of this AWB is to alert operators and maintainers of premature cracks found in a Cessna 402C wing attachment fitting manufactured by J and R Aerospace.
21 Jun 2016
AWB 22-002 Issue 3 (273 KB) This AWB is to advise operator/maintainers of all AW139 helicopters from S/N 31201 to S/N 31398 and from S/N 41201 to S/N 41293, and all AW139 helicopters from S/N 31400 to S/N 31699 and from S/N 41300 to S/N 41499 of possible inadvertent autopilot disengagement. 05 Aug 2016
AWB 02-056
(417 KB)
Vortex Generators and Aerodynamic Configuration Control for Small Single and Twin Engined Aircraft.
This AWB is applicable to all small single and twin engine aeroplanes, which have, or are about to have, vortex generators (VG) or other aerodynamic enhancements installed under a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC).
06 May 2016
AWB 24-011
(457 KB)
Aircraft Circuit Breaker (CB) Maintenance and Operation.
Known issues associated with CBs and provides recommendations for the maintenance, installation and operation of CBs.
27 Apr 2016
AWB 24-010
(104 KB)
Aircraft fitted with Thales Transformer Rectifier Units (TRU) P/N F11RD4221 Amendment F. 27 Apr 2016
AWB 32-026 Issue 1 (139 KB) Cessna Single Engine Retractable Undercarriage Failures. 10 Mar 2016
AWB 32-024 Issue 1 (37 KB) Cessna Single Engine Electro-Hydraulic Systems. 10 Mar 2016
AWB 85-020 Issue 1 Lycoming Engines - Connecting Rod Bushing Premature Wear. 07 Mar 2016
AWB 28-008 Issue 2 Water Contamination of Aviation Fuel (AVGAS / MOGAS).
Comprehensive information regarding the main causes for the fuel system becoming contaminated with water which typically results in loss of engine power.
08 Mar 2016
AWB 02-041 issue 3 (24 KB) Need to assess the systems of maintenance to ensure that any Fatigue Index (FI) has been correctly factored by the appropriate multiplication factor as advised by BAE Systems. 07 Sep 2011
AWB 01-030 issue 1 (96 KB) Unapproved Parts Notification. Relays produced without FAA Production Approval which may inadvertently be installed on aircraft including but not limited to, Fokker F-27, F27 Mark 050, F27 Mark 4000 aeroplanes and Sikorsky S-61 helicopters. 29 Jan 2016
AWB 01-032 issue 1 (31 KB) Unapproved Parts Notification - Pratt and Whitney R-985 engines. Certain bearings P/N 12768 were produced without an FAA Production Approval. 29 Jan 2016
AWB 53-009 issue 1 (144 KB) Beechcraft Duchess B76 Series Control Column Pivot Failures. Possible adverse wear of the control column pivot attachment which can result in reduced elevator control and possible loss of elevator control in flight. 29 Jan 2016
AWB 85-019 Issue 1 (48 KB) Piston Engine - Cylinder Differential Pressure (Leak) Test
This AWB is issued to provide generalised advisory material regarding acceptable means and principle factors for the performance of piston engine cylinder differential pressure (leak) tests where data from the engine manufacturer is not available.
20 Nov 2015
AWB 53-008 Issue 2  (235 KB) To alert operators and maintainers of all Victa Airtourer aircraft of the possibility of structural corrosion in the main fuselage longerons. 12 Nov 2015
AWB 85-015 issue 1 To alert operators and maintenance providers to problems with weld repaired crankcases and provide recommendations to detect potential catastrophic engine failures.
This AWB is applicable to any Continental or Lycoming horizontally opposed engine crankcase which has been weld-repaired in the region of the cylinder retention studs.

*This AWB is prompted by a recent NZ occurrence on an engine with a history of offshore welding repairs
19 Apr 2013*
AWB 25-006 Issue 2 All rotorcraft engaged in underslung load / non-human external cargo (NHEC) operations. 30 Jul 2015
AWB 79-002 Issue 2 All Teledyne Continental Motors (TCM) O-300, IO-360, TSIO-360 and LTSIO-360 series engines not fitted with improved design oil pump gears per TCM SB 96-4. 30 Jul 2015
AWB 24-009 To alert operators of Beech B200 aircraft of the potential for inverter wiring damage that may lead to a fire in the inboard wing. 03 Jul 2015
AWB 55-010 Aircraft incorporating pilot operated primary flight control surface trim tab systems and trimmable horizontal stabilizers. 11 Jun 2015
AWB 25-030 Helicopter Personnel Winching - Human External Cargo (HEC) Operations
This AWB is applicable to all helicopter operators, pilots, crew members and maintenance personnel involved in human external cargo (HEC) winching operations.
20 May 2015
AWB 25-005 Aircraft Seat Belts - Inadvertent Detachment
This AWB is applicable to all aircraft seats equipped with “D-ring” type seat belt attachment fittings used with seat belts having hooks at each end with simple spring-loaded keepers.
15 May 2015
AWB 32-023 Metro/Merlin Landing Gear Yoke Torque Link Lug Inspection 04 Feb 2015
AWB 02-014 To provide general guidance regarding selecting aircraft tyres. 25 Nov 2014
AWB 57-014 Piper PA28 series aeroplanes, and PA32, PA34 and PA44 series aeroplanes which share common methods and materials of wing trailing edge flap construction to those used in the PA28 series. The AWB alerts operators and maintainers to potential severe undetected corrosion in the flap and flap attachment structure and to direct attention to the Piper Service Manual inspection recommendations. 09 Oct 2014
AWB 74-005 Both Champion Aerospace (Slick) and Teledyne Continental (Bendix) magnetos indicate a wide range of problems which have been found during basic magneto maintenance and operations. 24 Jul 2014

FAA - Special Airworthiness Information Bulletins (SAIB) and Safety Alerts for Operators (SAFO)

Subject Date
16011 Air Transport restrictions for recalled lithium batteries and lithium battery powered devices. 16 Sep 2016
(34 KB)
General aviation aircraft hazards associated with water contamination of fuel tank systems.
This SAIB is similar to SAIB CE-10-40R1, dated 30 July 2010, which addresses specific Cessna aircraft models, and is meant to cover general aviation aircraft not included in SAIB CE-10-40R1.
03 Nov 2011
CE-10-40R1 (48 KB) Cessna aircraft model 100, 200 or 300 series hazards associated with water contamination of fuel tank systems. 30 Jul 2010
16012 Corrosion on Bell Helicopter Engine-Mount Leg-Assembly
This FAA InFO informs helicopter operators/maintainers of potential failure of engine mount assemblies on Bell Helicopter models 206L1 and 206L3 due to corrosion.
04 Aug 2016
16007 This SAFO alerts operators to the recent release of Technical Standard Order (TSO) TSO-C172, Revision A, with an effective date of December 22, 2015. Specifically, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is drawing attention to the note in Appendix 1, which states the prohibited use of the D6 end fitting. This prohibition is due to risk of self or inadvertent disengagement, whether or not the D6 end fitting is under tension. 11 Jul 2016
(28 KB)
Known continued failures of W31 series Switch Style Circuit Breakers (SSCB) manufactured by Tyco or Potter Brumfield. 13 Mar 2013
16002 Improperly repaired Cessna 206 and 207 Aircraft Engine Induction Air Boxes which could include P/N 1250700-5, 1250700-7, 1250702-2, 1250702-4, 1250702-5, or 1250702-7, with S/N ranging from PAM 001 to PAM 200. 25 Jan 2016
NE-15-21 Design issue with Wencor LLC, PMA supplements 2 and 62 fuel nozzle sheath P/N 3119920-01WE which can be fitted to certain P&W PT6A series engines. 19 Aug 2015
HQ-14-16 Standard Hardware AN, MS and NAS Fasteners 28 Apr 2014
(36 KB)
Lycoming Engines of the possible failure of engine thru-studs, and/or cylinder mounting studs. The FAA received reports identifying cylinder mounting studs that failed on Lycoming engines due to the absence of protective cadmium plating on the studs. 24 Mar 2014

FAA - Unapproved Parts Notification (UPN)

Subject Date
2016_20160519004 (69 KB) Information received during an FAA Suspected Unapproved Parts (SUP) investigation revealed that between October 2010 and April 2016, AmSafe Inc., an FAA Production Approval Holder, located at 1043 N. 47 Ave., Phoenix, Arizona 85043, manufactured and sold restraint systems, subassemblies and articles without FAA production approval.
Restraint systems, subassemblies and articles have these characteristics:
  • The articles are not serialized.
  • The articles were not delivered with a FAA Form 8130-3.
  • The articles were ordered from AmSafe Inc. between Oct 21, 2010 and Apr 19, 2016.
19 Sep 2016
2016-20160212004 (74 KB) Information discovered during an FAA Suspected Unapproved Parts (SUP) investigation revealed that between June 2012 and June 2016, Commercial Aircraft, 10490 Markison Road, Dallas, TX 75238, produced and sold certain aircraft galley equipment without having a FAA production approval. 01 Sep 2016
(51 KB)
The unapproved status of Aerostop Seat Locks produced and sold by Aerostop or Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Company. The FAA determined that Aerostop, located in California, manufactured and sold Aerostop Seat Locks. An FAA investigation revealed the manufacturer did not obtain FAA approval to manufacture these parts listed for use on type certificated products. 11 Aug 2016
2016-20151209008 (50 KB) Information received during a FAA Suspected Unapproved Parts (SUP) investigation confirmed that EagleFlite, located in La Quinta, California may have distributed nonconforming floating miniature nuts-stake P/N MF7200-06, between 2000 and 2016. 15 Jul 2016
2016-20121019011 (73 KB) Counterfeit Intel microprocessors sold by the Harry Krantz Company, LLC and Bay Components, LLC, Inc. 27 Jul 2016
2016-20110831001 (78 KB) FAA Unapproved Parts Notification - Aveo Engineering Aircraft Exterior Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lights.
Certain Aveo Engineering aircraft exterior light emitting diode (LED) lights are not approved to a FAA TSO, and they do not hold FAA design approval.
20 Jun 2016
(57 KB)
A FAA suspected unapproved parts investigation revealed that between March 2011 and December 2015, an eBay seller listed and sold several model 369 horizontal tip plate assemblies, P/N 369D23760 without MDHI approval. 24 May 2016
2016-2013NM460018 Unapproved status of Ameri-King Corp parts and articles. 01 Mar 2016
2016-20150609004 Certificated aircraft approved for return to service by Mr. Dan Hollingsworth dba Dan’s Aircraft repair Inc. (Certificate # QXDR022J) after making repairs to Ceconite covering material or installation of aircraft fabric covering using Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) # SA4503NM. 27 Jan 2016
2015-20140806009 De Havilland DHC-2 aileron skins, elevator skins, flap skins, rudder skins and stabiliser tips produced by Peninsula Air Metals and sold as individual parts to customers for repairs. 24 Apr 2015

EASA - Safety Information Bulletins (SIB)

Subject Date
SIB 2014-07R1 Unexpected Autopilot Behaviour on an Instrument Landing System (ILS) Approach.
Aeroplanes fitted with an automatic flight control system (AFCS, autopilot) and ILS capability.
The SIB is prompted by reports of a number of occurrences of unexpected autopilot behaviour while intercepting the ILS glideslope signal from above the 3 degree nominal flight path with the AFCS engaged.
12 Aug 2015
SIB 2015-08 Britten Norman BN2 Aeroplanes - Installation of Correct Access Panel Bolts. 23 Apr 2015
SIB 2009-22R1  ICAO Doc. 9481-AN/928 Emergency Response Guidance for Aircraft Incidents Involving Dangerous Goods to establish comprehensive procedures, tailored to their type(s) of operation to mitigate the risks associated with fires to batteries contained in PEDs transported in cabins by passengers and crew. 07 Apr 2015
SIB 2009-28R1 Flight Data Recorder and Cockpit Voice Recorder Systems Serviceability 08 Jan 2015
SIB 2015-01 Non-conforming Standard Hardware - Alcoa Fastening Systems Barrel Nuts, Part Number (P/N) NAS577B7A: Batch numbers 5334992-000, M004187-000 and 5323292-000. 07 Jan 2015
SIB 2014-34 Possible Exceedance of Engine Temperature Limits of BRP-Powertrain Rotax 912 and 914 Engines 23 Dec 2014
SIB 2014-19 Notification of Unapproved Parts 17 Jun 2014
SIB 2014-18 Notification of Unapproved Parts due to theft 11 Jun 2014
SIB 2012-06R2 Defective Standard Hardware - MS21042, NAS1291 and LN9338 Self- Locking Nuts and NAS626 Bolts 28 Oct 2013

Transport Canada - Civil Aviation Safety Alerts (CASA), Service Difficulty Alerts, and Service Difficulty Advisories

Subject Date
CASA 2016-06 issue 01 Boeing B75N1 fitted with Hamilton Standard model 11C1 propeller blades.
Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) has identified a potential hazard associated with the propellers used on some models of this aircraft.
12 Aug 2016
CASA 2016-07 Issue 01 Bell 206, 206L and 407 helicopters. The purpose of this CASA is to alert operators/maintainers of:
  • The vulnerability of the main transmission freewheel lubrication system to contamination.
  • To emphasize how critical it is to ensure a conforming filter is installed.
  • To follow the manufacturer's recommended procedures for aircraft storage and reactivation
15 Aug 2106
CASA 2013-04
Issue 02
The potential hazard resulting from the possible failure of MS21042 and NAS1291 series nuts and to identify an additional affected lot manufactured by Airfasco Industries (Canton, Ohio, USA). This revision also addresses a recent Service Difficulty Report (SDR) event of a failed NAS1291-7 nut and introduces a recommended torque-test bench check for received and in-stock hardware. 25 May 2015
CASA 2014-06 Parts and components certified as new, overhauled or repaired between 15 June 2011 and 22 April 2014 by Rotor Maxx Support Limited, an approved maintenance organization (AMO) # 86-06 ('Rotor Maxx'). 15 Jan 2015
CASA 2014-04 The Negative Torque Sensing System fitted on Honeywell TPE331 series of engines is designed to automatically reduce drag on the affected engine in the event of an engine failure or engine shutdown. It is not an automatic feathering system. 15 Aug 2014
CASA 2014-02 The installation of an Artificial Stall Warning System on all DHC-2 Beaver series aircraft 17 Jul 2014

CAA (UK) - Airworthiness Communications (AIRCOM),CAP 661 Mandatory Permit Directives (MPD), Safety Notice (SD)

Subject Date
SN-2015/002 Schweizer 269C-1 helicopters need to perform the post-flight idle speed and mixture checks specified in section 4.14 of the AFM.
31 Jul 2015


Additional Information

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