Accident Brief, Occurrence # 96/1794

Registration:  ZK-MOS Nature of Flight:  private other
Aircraft Model:  Quad City Challenger II Pilot Licence:   nil
Date and Time:  09 Jul 96 at 11:36 Pilot Age:   yrs
Location:  Abel Tasman Nat Pk Flying Hours (Total):  420
POB:  2 Flying Hours (on Type):  150
Injuries (Fatal):  nil Last 90 Days:  10
Injuries (Serious):  2 TAIC Ref.:  
Injuries (Minor):  nil Publishing Ref.:  OB, 1997, Issue 1
Damage:  substantial Date Published:  13 Feb 97


The microlight aircraft was attempting to take off when a portion of the propeller detached. The aircraft became airborne and started to vibrate badly. The pilot attempted to turn back to the airfield. The aircraft crashed into rough gorse at the end of the runway. Investigation revealed that the fuel tank cap had come loose on take off and parted from its restraining chain. It passed through the propeller disc, removing a small piece of the propeller. This set up a power-plant vibration, which caused the engine air filter to work loose, and it passed through the propeller, removing a larger piece. The resulting severe vibration caused the aircraft to become uncontrollable at a height of about 80 feet.