CAA Occurrence Report 00-2518

NZ 60 'Erroneous' Glideslope Capture, Autocoupled Approach, and Go-around

This report is 203 pages and 5.7 MB in full - it includes colour illustrations, diagrams, and graphs. In order to make it easier to view, we have created pdf files in parts which should download in a reasonable time.

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CAA Occurrence Report 00-2518 in parts

Pages 001 to 026 Part 1

Pages 027 to 030 Part 1

Page 031 Part 1

Pages 032 to 035 Part 1

Pages 036 to 041 Part 1

Pages 042 to 050 Part 1

Pages 051 to 060 Part 1

Pages 061 to 070 Part 1

Pages 071 to 078 Part 1

Pages 079 to 112 Part 1

Pages 113 to 150 Part 2

Pages 151 to 166 Parts 3 to 5

Pages 167 to 203 (Appendices)

CAA Occurrence Report 00-2518 in full

CAA Occurrence Report 00-2518 (5.7 MB)

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NZ60 a Free Lesson, training video

Air New Zealand has produced a 25-minute CRM training video on how to recognise and react to erroneous ILS indications. Entitled NZ60, a Free Lesson, it can be obtained from Air New Zealand The CAA holds a copy for loan from its Library.