Aerodrome Signage

For airport security signs, see Security Information.

Mandatory Instruction Signs

These are white characters on a red background. Pilots must not proceed beyond a mandatory sign without an ATC clearance to do so.

Aerodrome signage - mandatory instruction signs

Information Signs

An information sign should be provided where there is an operational need to identify by a sign, a specific location, or routing (direction or destination) information. These include: direction signs, location signs, destination signs, runway exit signs, runway vacated signs and intersection take-off signs.

An information sign, other than a location sign, should consist of black characters on a yellow background.

A location sign is yellow characters on a black background. The location sign is used to identify the location the pilot is at, usually a taxiway.

Aerodrome signs - information signs

Examples of sign position at taxiway/runway intersections

Aerodrome signage - sign position examples