Air Cargo

How to Become a Certificated Regulated Air Cargo Agent

1 Complete an application for certification  24109/01 (PDF) or 24109/01 (Word).
2 Complete Fit and Proper Person Questionnaire forms  24FPP (PDF) for ...
  1. CEO, and
  2. All Senior Persons.
3 Obtain Criminal and Transport Offence History Reports to accompany Fit and Person Questionnaire(s)
  1. Criminal history can be obtained from the Ministry of Justice on form Priv/FI (see CAA24FPP);
  2. Transport Offence can be obtained by requesting a Traffic Offence History Report from the NZ Transport Agency, Palmerston North (see CAA24FPP).
4 Document the procedures to comply with the requirements of Part 109. These procedures are needed to form the exposition (a manual) required under rule 109.71. Guidance on the procedures can be found in Advisory Circular AC109-1.
5 Send the following completed documents to the Director:
  1. Application form CAA24109/01,
  2. Senior Person Fit and Proper Questionnaire form(s) CAA24FPP,
  3. Company Exposition.
6 Where there is a need to initiate security check determinations for rule 109.59 authorisation purposes prior to a final certificate being issued, application form CAA24109/1 can be sent with notification that the exposition is to be provided at a later date. The CAA will provide you with your CAA client number so that security check determinations for authorisations under rule 109.59 can be commenced with the Aviation Security Service (note certification will not be completed until the exposition has been accepted by the Director).
7 Ensure that the facilities to be used comply with the access control requirements of Part 109.
8 The CAA will assess the application and exposition to ensure it provides for the outcomes required in Part 109.
9 The CAA may conduct interviews of the CEO and senior persons to ascertain their knowledge of the requirements for Part 109.
10 The CAA may conduct an onsite inspection of the access controlled facilities as part of the certification process.
11 The Director will grant a regulated air cargo agent certificate in accordance with rule 109.9 along with Specifications for the Certificate.