Air Cargo

Background Information

Cargo and mail carried on international regular air transport passenger services must be subject to appropriate security controls. These are necessary to:

  • give the appropriate degree of protection to passengers and crew, and
  • preserve New Zealand’s reputation as a safe point of origin for cargo with our international aviation partners, and
  • meet international treaty obligations under the Convention on International Civil Aviation - Annex 17 (Security) that will assist in ensuring the security of civil aviation from New Zealand.

Relevant requirements are contained in Civil Aviation Rules, Part 108 Air Operator Security Programme, and Part 109 Regulated Air Cargo Agents – Certification.

In summary, the rules require that an air operator must not allow cargo or mail to be loaded onto an aircraft conducting an international regular air transport passenger service unless:

  • the cargo or mail is received from a regulated air cargo agent certificated by Civil Aviation Rules, Part 109, and the consignment of cargo or mail is:
  •            - accompanied by a declaration of security issued by the regulated air cargo agent; and
  •            - checked by the air operator to ensure that the consignment has not been tampered with;


  • if the air operator accepts the cargo or mail from a person who is not a regulated air cargo agent, the cargo or mail is subjected to security controls equivalent to those that would be applied by a regulated air cargo agent certificated by the CAA under Part 109.