Privacy Statement Relating to Aircraft Registration Forms

The CAA is collecting this information to process your application for a certificate of registration of an aircraft, either for the first time or following the change of possession of an aircraft. Information you provide may also be used by the CAA for wider aviation safety and security regulatory purposes.

The information contained in this form will be held by the CAA and entered into the register of civil aircraft. A version of the register, which includes the name and postal address of an aircraft owner, appears on the CAA web site, and is publicly accessible.

If your aircraft is registered in the name of an individual you may at any time request that your name and postal address details be withheld from the online aircraft register.

Even if your personal details are withheld from the online register, the information may be disclosed to third parties (including other government agencies) in accordance with the Official Information Act 1982.

Requests for removal should be directed to:

For more information about the online aircraft register, see Aircraft Register FAQs.

The information sought on this application form is required before a certificate of registration will be granted. If you do not provide the information, a certificate of registration will not be granted. In the case of a change of possession, the change of ownership may not be processed, and the aircraft’s registration may be cancelled.

You may request access to, and correction of, personal information supplied on this application form. At any time in future you are also entitled to:

  1. obtain confirmation whether or not personal information is held about you; and, if so:
  2. obtain access to that information, subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993;
  3. request that the CAA correct any personal information it holds about you.

You can contact the CAA at:

PO Box 3555
Wellington 6140
Tel: 04 560 9400
Email:, or