Allocation of Aircraft Registration Marks

Marks are allocated in alphabetical sequence according to the class of aircraft as follows:

ZK-A**, ZK-B**, ZK-GA*, and ZK-HA* are historical marks. Since 1987 these marks have been reserved for historical aircraft including helicopters and gliders.  This is to enable the original aircraft to regain its original mark upon restoration.

ZK-FA* and ZK-FB* marks are reserved for balloons (they may use a fixed wing marks upon request).

ZK-G** marks are reserved for gliders.

ZK-H** and ZK-I** marks are reserved for helicopters.

ZK-RA*, ZK-RB*, ZK-RC*, and ZK-RD* marks are reserved for gyrocopters.

All ZK-Q** marks are not available for use - prohibited by ICAO.

All other marks are available for fixed wing aircraft.