Change of Possession

Note: Section 2 of the Civil Aviation Act 1990 defines the "owner" of an aircraft to be the person lawfully entitled to possession of the aircraft for 28 days or longer.

Privacy Statement Relating to Aircraft Registration Forms

To apply for change of possession, the party relinquishing possession and the new owner must both complete and send the form which can be found on the reverse side of the existing Certificate of Registration, or use form 24047/3 (PDF).

If the person relinquishing possession cannot be located, use form 24047/3A (PDF).

The CAA must be notified within 14 days of the transfer date.

The existing Certificate of Registration expires on the transfer date.

28 days after the expiry of the Certificate of Registration, the aircraft cannot be operated until a new Certificate of Registration is issued to the new owner.

It is an offence to operate an aircraft without a valid Certificate of Registration (Civil Aviation Act 1990, Section 46).

New owners are advised to check that the Annual Registration and Participation Levy has been paid. This is invoiced annually in July. If not paid, the aircraft may be deregistered.

The fee for change of possession is to be paid by the relinquishing party (unless otherwise arranged between the two parties).

If there is more than one owner, for example a partnership or syndicate, they need to decide who will sign the form and become the contact for the CAA. The CAA requires full names, addresses, contact numbers, and CAA client numbers (if applicable) of all members.

Maintenance providers and aircraft sales agents cannot sign the form on behalf of the applicant.

For further information, see rules 47.57 and 47.59 (PDF).

Payment of Fees

Fees can be paid directly into the CAA account, or payment can be made by cheque. Please quote the aircraft registration mark, eg, ZK-ABC.

Internet banking: account number 03 0531 0406878 00.

Posting a cheque (include the appropriate form): Finance, Civil Aviation Authority, PO Box 3555, Wellington 6140, New Zealand.

Fit and Proper Person Questionnaire – New Owner

The Civil Aviation Act 1990, Section 9, requires all applicants for the grant or renewal of an aviation document to complete a Fit and Proper Person Questionnaire.

For aircraft owners, this is form 24047/02 (PDF)     24047/02 (Word). You do not need to do this if you already have an aviation document, such as a pilot licence.

The Fit and Proper Person Questionnaire must be completed with an individual's details, even if the aircraft is being registered in the name of a Company, Syndicate, or Partnership.

If there is more than one applicant, for example a partnership or syndicate, a separate Fit and Proper Person Questionnaire must be completed by each member.

Fit and Proper Person Questionnaires are valid for one year from the date signed.

For more information, see Fit and Proper Person Process.

Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)

If the aircraft is fitted with an ELT, the contact details will need to be changed with the Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC), see

If the RCC are not given the updated contact information, the aircraft must not be flown. See rule 91.529 (PDF).

Change of Address

It is the responsibility of every aviation document holder to promptly notify the CAA of any changes to their address or contact details (Civil Aviation Act 1990 Section 8(3)). The Address for Service must be a New Zealand street address. See Address for Service for more information.

For aircraft owners, the Certificate of Registration will need to be returned to the CAA to be re-issued with the correct details displayed on the certificate.

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