2012 Design Delegation Holders Seminar Presentations

The 2012 Design Delegation Holders Seminar was held in Wellington on 30 March, following the FAA Bilateral Partners Industry day. The one-day seminar was attended by over 50 participants from the industry, CAA, CASA and FAA.

The seminar provided an excellent forum for Design Delegation Holders and Part 146 Design Organisations' staff to discuss technical and professional topics, and network with other members of the industry. The seminar included presentations from the CAA updating industry on certification issues, safety management systems and responsibilities of Delegation Holders, the FAA on their Part 23 Revision project and some general lessons learnt, Altitude Aerospace Interiors on an STC case study, and CASA on the recent Australian Rules changes. Both the outgoing and incoming Directors of Civil Aviation, Steve Douglas and Graeme Martin, and General Manager of Air Transport Group, Mark Hughes, joined the Seminar towards the end of the day to participate in the open forum.

Some of the presentations from the day are available below, including the updated “Information for Delegation Holders” which includes clarification of subcontractors.

2012 Design Delegation Holders Seminar Presentations: