Change of Ownership, Deregistration and Deferring Participation Levy

The due date for Annual Registration and Participation Levy invoicing is 1 July. To ensure your invoice is correct, please check your aircraft registration details and action any changes before that date.

Details on how to make changes are set out below. If you have any queries, please email the Aircraft Registrar, or call +64 4 560 9400

Change of ownership (buying, selling or changing operator)

If you have transferred your aircraft ownership, or are planning to do so before 1 July, you must ensure that a complete change of possession form has been submitted in time to be actioned by the Aircraft Registrar before that date.

If the application is received after this date, you will be invoiced and liable for this payment, or you will need to make arrangements for payment with the new owner.

To change the ownership of an aircraft, please submit the completed form 24047/03 Change of Possession of Aircraft with $263 fee before 1 July.

You can check that your change has been made on the Aircraft Register page.

Removal from the Aircraft Register (Deregistration)

If your aircraft is not airworthy, or will not be flown in the near future, you may choose to deregister it.

To have your aircraft removed from the register before 1 July, your request for deregistration needs to be received and actioned before that date. If not, the invoice will still be generated and payment will be required.

Before deregistering your aircraft, you should consider the cost of re-registering it and having the flight documents re-issued in the future, plus the cost of reserving the mark. We recommend keeping an aircraft on the register.

To request deregistration please complete form 24047/05 Deregistration of Aircraft.

You can check that your change has been made on the Aircraft Register page.

Deferring the Participation Levy

If your aircraft is not operational, and will be inoperable for three months or more due to maintenance, restoration, or repairs, you can now apply for deferral of your Participation Levy. Doing so will mean your aircraft remains on the Aircraft Register, and you will not have to pay the Participation Levy. You may not operate your aircraft while the Participation Levy is deferred.

Because the aircraft is still registered, the Annual Registration fee of $99.00 is payable.

To defer the Participation Levy please complete form 24047/13 Application for Deferral of Participation Levy and submit this before 1 July.

To see if your levy has been deferred, you can check the list of Deferred Participation Levies.