Anyone setting up an aviation business in New Zealand, whether large or small, needs CAA approval to operate.

There are two groups in the CAA specifically set up to help you through the certification process and to ensure you maintain standards once you get certificated. The Air Transport and Airworthiness Group deals with large operations while the Helicopters, Adventure and UAS Group focuses its attentions on small aeroplanes and helicopters.

Civil Aviation Rule Parts 119, 121 and 125 cover the certification and operating requirements of airlines resident in New Zealand, and Part 129 covers Foreign Air Transport Operator certification for airlines wishing to fly to and from New Zealand. Related Advisory Circulars provide explanatory information and examples of ways to comply with these Rules.

Airlines should also pay particular attention to Parts 108, 92, 91, 43, 19, 12 and 1 - which cover security, dangerous goods, operating rules, maintenance, accidents and incidents, and the meanings of definitions and abbreviations used in the rules.

Airlines (Parts 121 and 125)

Air Operator Certification (Part 121, 125, 135)

Inquiries and applications:

Fit and Proper Person Process

All applications for individual aviation documents, and for senior persons for organisations are required to use the 24FPP form below. Use this link for more information on the FPP Process.

24FPP (PDF)      24FPP (Word)

Foreign Air Operator Certification (Part 129)

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