Airspace Forms

These forms all relate to airspace. If you cannot find the form you are looking for here, go to the Forms page.

Part 71 - Designation of Airspace

24071/01 - Application for Designated Airspace (PDF)
24071/01 - Application for Designated Airspace (Word)

Part 77 - Objects and Activities Affecting Navigable Airspace

24077/01A (PDF)
24077/01A (Word)
24077/01B (PDF)
24077/01B (Word)
24077/01C (PDF)
24077/01C (Word)
Notice of Proposal to Construct or Alter a Structure - CAR Part 77

Notice of Proposal to use a Light or Laser - CAR Part 77

Notice of Proposal to use Pyrotechnics or Weapons - CAR Part 77

Volcanic Activity Report (PDF)