Air Traffic Services Forms

These forms all relate to Air Traffic Services. If you cannot find the form you are looking for here, go to the Forms page.

Part 12 - Accidents, Incidents, & Statistics

CA005 (PDF 362 KB) Occurrence Report

Part 65 - Air Traffic Service Personnel Licences and Ratings

24065/01 (PDF 40 KB) Issue of Air Traffic Service Licence
24065/02 (PDF 36 KB) Exchange of an Air Traffic Service Licence
24065/03 (PDF 36 KB) Amendment to an Air Traffic Service Licence
24065/04 (PDF 40 KB) Test Form ATS Examiner Rating
24065/05 (PDF 32 KB) Application for ATS Examiner Test
Part 172 Air Traffic Service Organisations – Certification
(PDF 53 KB)
(Word 94 KB)
Application for Issue or renewal of an Air Traffic Service Certificate CAR Part 172
24172/02 (PDF)
24172/02 (Word)
Compliance Matrix
24172/03 (PDF)
24172/03 (Word)
Application for a Trial Under Civil Aviation Rule 172.155