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Good radio communication is vital to aviation safety. Current and accurate information allows orderly sequencing, adequate separation, and collision avoidance. In an emergency, clear and timely communication will assist in obtaining the quickest and most appropriate response.

The 2012 AvKiwi Safety Seminar was all about radio communication in aviation, and included a Good Aviation Practice (GAP) booklet, and a reminder to study and be familar with the Advisory Circular.

The GAP booklet, Plane Talking, is a handy guide to good radio operating practice, and covers the basics of good RTF, equipment, and technique.

The booklet also has a chapter on the different levels of Air Traffic Control and the information they provide to pilots.

Cover of Plane Talking GAP booklet

Some of the topics the booklet covers are: the international phonetic alphabet and standard phraseology, clearance shorthand, VFR flight plans, SARTIME, operating at unattended aerodromes, troubleshooting, and conditional clearance.

Plane Talking (4.4 MB)

Plane Talking should be read in conjunction with Advisory Circular AC91-9 Radiotelephony Manual

Further Information

Cover of Plane Talking Vector article Plane Talking - Vector article Jul/Aug 2012 (PDF 460 KB)
Plane Talking Radio Course CD

Limited copies of the Plane Talking Radio Course on CD-ROM are still available for purchase. A copy of the GAP booklet will be included.

$20 incl GST, plus pack and post.

Contact: Video New Zealand