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Further Information

Meteorology - the CAA web pages that give you comprehensive aviation meteorology information

Weather-related Products

To order, email info@caa.govt.nz, including your postal address.
VFR Met GAP booklet VFR Met (PDF 2.5 MB)

This A5 booklet, in our Good Aviation Practice (GAP) series, covers why you should get Met, where you can get it, what you should get, and how to interpret it. It encourages you to use a set of tables to help you compare and contrast the weather for your flight, as a means of improving your weather-related decision making.

Revised Feb 2015
Weather Card (PDF 209 KB)

A5 laminated card, hole-punched to fit in your AIP Vol 4.

Revised Jun 2018
VFR Met Minima Card VFR MET Minima (PDF 293 KB)

A5 card, hole-punched to fit in your Vol 4.

Revised Nov 2015
New Zealand Cloud Types poster New Zealand Cloud Types (PDF 1.2 MB)

A1 poster

Revised 2006
Aircraft Icing Handbook Aircraft Icing Handbook (PDF)
(New helicopter section added)

This is free on the internet, but if you require printed versions, there is a charge, as it is a large publication.
To order, call free 0800 GET RULES (0800 438 785), or order online, www.vertia.co.nz, or email info@vertia.co.nz.