Downloading the
Flight Instructor Guide

Welcome to the online Flight Instructor Guide.

This guide is now available online and as a downloadable PDF.

We have also provided the ability for you to download all of the diagrams we have used, so that you can use them in your own presentations. We highly recommend that you use this publication as a guide to help you prepare your own briefings. Flight Examiners will not accept a direct copy of these briefings as your own.

If you would like a complete printed version of this guide you can either purchase it from Vertia by calling 0800 GET RULES (0800 438 785) or order online,, or emailing, or make your own arrangements with a local printer. We have provided a button below for the printer to download (or for you to download and take to the printer) specifically for the purpose of commercially printing the entire guide. This is approximately 20 MB in size.

Click here to download commercial print PDF

The following is a list of instructions for downloading parts or all of the
Flight Instructor Guide.

Navigating the Flight Instructor Guide

You can get back to the CAA homepage by clicking on the CAA logo at the top of the blue bar.

In the blue menu bar on the left are the following buttons:

This button will take you to the Flight Instructor Guide homepage.

This button will take you to the contents page.

This button will take you to the instructions page.

This button will download a zip file of all of the briefings in four sections. You will need to save the zip file to your computer. This zipped file is approximately 4 MB in size and when unzipped the files are approximately 4.5 MB in total.

This button will download all Whiteboard Layouts as one PDF document. It is approximately 6 MB.

This button will allow you to download all of the diagrams used in this guide, so that you can use them in your own briefings. It is a zip file and will need to be saved onto your computer. The diagrams are high resolution and the entire collection is approximately 23 MB. You can download diagrams in smaller amounts by downloading from each briefing, see below.

Briefing Pages

On each briefing page there are three buttons below the coloured introduction.

  • Click here to download
    Briefing PDF

This button will download this individual briefing as a PDF file. The biggest briefing is 1.7 MB, with most being approximately 1.4 MB.

  • Click here to download
    Whiteboard PDF

This button will download the whiteboard layout for this individual briefing. Each PDF file is approximately 500 KB.

  • Click here to download

This button will download the diagrams used in this individual briefing.

The Blue bar on the left hand side of the screen allows you to see the full list of briefings whenever you are in an individual briefing, and you can navigate to these briefings easily from here.