Airworthiness Directives Logbook

Section 1 Airworthiness Directives Logbook page (Word 57 KB)
You can download this form, save it, print it, and complete it electronically or by hand.

Completed Airworthiness Directive Schedule Pages

We will be providing these logbook pages filled-in for the various Airworthiness Directive schedules as time allows us to complete them. They are on the same pages as the applicable Airworthiness Directives Schedules listed under Category below.

Important Notes: These completed Airworthiness Directive pages are provided as a helpful aid. They may not be updated at the same time as the Airworthiness Directive Schedules. We have provided a text box on the top right side of the Airworthiness Directive logbook page (next to the page number) that will show the date of the latest Airworthiness Directive Schedule that the logbook page was updated to.

So remember the Airworthiness Directive Schedule is always the definitive list of the current Airworthiness Directives.

If you would like to assist by sending us ones you have filled-in, please email them to:

Aeroplanes and Helicopters General (PDF 123 KB)

Amateur-built Aircraft (PDF 212 KB)
Arriel 1 Series (Word 88 KB)
Arriel 2 Series (Word 85 KB)
Arrius 1A Series (Word 85 KB)
Arrius 2 Series (Word 85 KB)
Arrius 2F Series (Word 85 KB)
Artouste III Series (Word 84 KB)
Bell UH1 Series (PDF 145 KB)
Brakes and Wheel Assemblies (PDF 134 KB)
Carburettors and Injection System (PDF 141 KB)
Cessna 150 (PDF 128 KB)
Continental Engines (PDF 192 KB)
Electrical Engines (PDF 112 KB)
Electrical General (PDF 97 KB)
Emergency Equipment (PDF 142 KB)
Engines General (PDF 94 KB)
Fuel System Equipment (PDF 90 KB)
Hartzell Series Propeller and Governors (PDF 145 KB)
Helicopters General (PDF 91 KB)
Honeywell T53 Series (PDF 124 KB)
Instruments (PDF 116 KB)
Instruments & Automatic Pilots (PDF 116 KB)
Jabiru 2200 and 3300 Series (PDF 192 KB)
Lycoming 0-320 Series Engines (PDF 118 KB)
Lycoming TI0-360 Series Engines (PDF 102 KB)
Microlight Aircraft (PDF 153 KB)
Piper PA-34 Seneca (PDF 125 KB)
Radio (PDF 162 KB)
Robinson R22 Series (PDF 141 KB)
Role Equipment Aeroplanes (PDF 90 KB)
Role Equipment Helicopters (PDF 123 KB)
Rotax 275, 505, 535, 912, 914 Series (PDF 179 KB)
Seats (PDF 141 KB)
Sensenich Propellers & Governors (PDF 92 KB)