Fit and Proper Person Process

Anyone holding or applying for an aviation document, or anyone who has control over the exercise of the privileges of an aviation document, must satisfy the Director of Civil Aviation that they are a fit and proper person to do so. This is a requirement of the Civil Aviation Act 1990, Section 9.

Examples of aviation documents are licences, air operator certificates, or Regulated Air Cargo Agents. In organisations, the fit and proper person process applies to the nominated Senior Person(s), as well as the individual aviation document holders.

Applicants are required to complete the 24FPP (fillable Word) form. This requires applicants to:

  • Provide proof of identity;
  • Provide proof of address-for-service;
  • Provide a Criminal Record History from the Ministry of Justice;
  • Obtain an Offence History Report from the NZ Transport Agency.

This applies even if you have no offences or criminal record – the reports will show that fact. The form details requirements and how to get the information. Applications will not be processed unless they use the required forms and provide all the required information.

It will take three to four weeks to obtain these reports – applicants need to consider this when applying for individual documents, or when nominating Senior Persons for organisations.

A shorter form, the Fit and Proper Person Declaration 24FPPDEC (fillable) may be used by applicants who have been determined Fit and Proper previously and:

  • within the past 60 months have completed a Fit and Proper Person Questionnaire CAA 24FPP, and
  • where the facts and information declared previously are unchanged.

There are also PDF options, see Forms.

Aircraft owners should fill in the  24047/02 (PDF) Fit and Proper Person form for initial registration or change of possession of an aircraft.

Assessment Policy

In order to make this process transparent and fair for participants, the CAA has published the fit and proper person policy and handbook. This is to help in understanding the process and the steps carried out during an assessment.