New Aircraft Logbooks

New Aircraft Logbooks are now available. The four logbooks – Engine, Aircraft, Propeller, and Airworthiness Directives – have had a makeover in consultation with a number of users to take into account recent rule revisions and make them more user-friendly.

The Engine and Propeller logbooks essentially remain the same, except for updating of the Instructions for Use and minor format changes. The Aircraft Logbook now contains only service and maintenance information. The Lifed Components Record, Out of Phase Record and Weight and Balance Record have now been shifted to the Airworthiness Directive (AD) Logbook.

The format of the AD Logbook has been extensively revised and is now in a loose leaf form to enable operators to have more or less pages to suit their requirements.

Operators purchasing a new Aircraft Logbook for the first time will also need to purchase the new Airworthiness Directive Logbook because of the sections that have been moved to the Airworthiness Directive Logbook. All the Aircraft logbooks can be purchased individually.

A new binder, designed to hold all four log books (or six for a twin) will also be available for purchase.

Operators who are currently using the soft covered logbooks may continue to use them till replacements are required. Operators with the old hard covered logbooks are required to change them for the new logbooks, as they are not compliant with the rules, Part 1 “Maintenance logbook”. The new logbooks are consistent with Part 1.

It is also planned to have Section 1 of the Airworthiness Directives Logbook available on the CAA web site as a PDF file that operators can fill in, save and print.

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