Agricultural Aircraft Safety Review

The CAA initiated this Agricultural Aircraft Safety Review in response to concerns expressed by CAA staff and industry stakeholders regarding the safety occurrence rate for fixed wing agricultural aircraft. Particular concerns related to Civil Aviation Rules, Part 137, which permits an aircraft to be operated at a weight in excess of its maximum certified take-off weight (MCTOW).

The purpose of the Review is to gather information, authenticate anecdotal stories, as far as is possible, and make recommendations regarding currently operated agricultural aircraft design, continuing airworthiness, maintenance and operational practices and techniques. The scope items of the Terms of Reference for the Review are reproduced in Annex 1.

Each of the scope items forms the basis of a chapter of the Review. Conclusions and recommendations relating to each of the scope items are presented at the end of each chapter and summarised in Chapter 12.

Some minor changes were made in Mar 2010, and these are indicated as Revision 1.

Agricultural Aircraft Safety Review - complete version (9.4 Mb)

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