ICAO State Letters

The CAA receives around 90 State Letters a year from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) many of which are administrative in nature. Some, however, invite New Zealand’s comment on a particular proposal, often to do with proposed changes in Standards or Recommended Practices.

The CAA is responsible for formulating New Zealand’s response to these State Letters. In doing so, however, it is interested in hearing industry views. If you wish to contribute your views on the proposals or are interested in finding out more information, please contact the appropriate person listed, or email piru@caa.govt.nz, for more information on any State Letter listed.

Current Proposals

15/78 Proposed amendment Annex 10, Vol IV re surveillance and airborne collision avoidance systems (501 KB)

SL/16/42 High Altitude Operations of Unmanned Free Balloons (1.4 MB)

Further Information

International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)

Launch of the ICAO and Concordia University Joint Executive Certificate Programme in Civil Aviation Management - (138 KB)

Voluntary Contributions to the ICAO Programme for Aviation Volunteers (IPAV) Fund (170 KB)

States, organisations and public and private entities are encouraged to make voluntary contributions to the fund.

ICAO Programme for Aviation Volunteers (IPAV) (239 KB)

To note information and make use of opportunities offered by the IPAV to benefit from assistance provided by aviation professionals at a minimal or no cost.