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Legal Information Bulletins

CAA Legal Information Bulletins are published by the CAA for information and guidance.

They are advisory documents which set out the CAA's position on the general interpretation or application of specified Civil Aviation Rules.

A participant who relies on the position stated in a Bulletin in good faith and who exercises due care in applying that position to their activities is considered by the CAA to be in compliance with the specified civil aviation legal requirements.

If the position adopted in a Bulletin is changed by the CAA, this will be notified to industry and updated on the CAA web site. Participants should not rely on a previous position in a Bulletin that is no longer current, or on a Legal Information Bulletin that has been withdrawn, in conducting their future activities.

Legal Information Bulletins are necessarily general in nature. Participants should seek independent legal advice if they are unsure about the application or interpretation of civil aviation laws to their particular activities.

Any inquiries about Legal Information Bulletins should be addressed to the CAA, attention Chief Legal Counsel.

Legal Information Bulletin 4: Notification of outcome of industry consultation and summary of submissions received.

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