Armed Forces Experience, Cross-Crediting of Qualifications and Experience

No cross crediting of any other New Zealand maintenance examinations (such as RNZAF technical courses or New Zealand Certificate of Engineering aeronautical courses) or cross-crediting of any foreign state's basic LAME examinations is available.

Practical experience in the armed forces or in foreign states can count towards the practical aspect of the AMEL, but LAMEs, unless they are transfering a valid foreign Type II licence, must pass the nine basic theory examinations required by Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Licensing. For further information look at getting a licence.

Engineers who have successfully completed a traineeship in an allied engineering trade require 36 months of aviation related practical experience. This is in addition to any practical experience gained when qualifying for the allied trade qualification. An allied trade is considered to be a technical trade similar in nature to aviation trades such as, automotive engineering, general engineering, electronic engineering.

Engineers with armed forces experience require 48 months of experience.