Engineer Licensing Consultation

Following a review of Part 66, work to draft amendments to that Part is now underway. A Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) consultation will occur in the near future (see16/CAR/9 at Rule Projects in Progress).

The proposed rule changes aim to modernise the New Zealand aircraft maintenance licensing system, and adapt it to new and emerging technologies. The proposals are supplemented by a number of initiatives that do not require rule change.  

The main proposed changes are to:

·         amend the electrical, instrument and radio group ratings to be based on avionics system complexity rather than aircraft weight or pressurization

·         expand the certificate of Inspection Authorisation (IA) to allow electrical, instrument or radio rated LAMEs to be eligible, limiting their IA privileges to certifying conformity after major repairs and modifications of what they are rated on

·         improve the flexibility of group and type ratings

·         ensure current experience and training within a flexible framework

·         raise standards to demonstrate knowledge at the time of licensing

·         undertake a comprehensive review of the examination process and content to ensure its continued appropriateness for modern aircraft engineering practice and technology, and 

·         require LAMEs to notify the CAA of a medically significant change that may impact the safe exercise of their privileges.


These proposed changes were developed, in part, by industry responses to consultation in 2014. You can read the 2014 discussion document, and the summary of submissions to that document, below:

Discussion Document (PDF 737 KB)
Summary of Public Submissions (PDF 119 KB)

Once drafting of the rule amendments and the NPRM is complete, we will consult with industry on the amended Part 66. This will be followed by final rule proposals to the Minister of Transport.

Further information and updates will be provided as this work progresses.