Report of the Colour Vision Deficiency General Direction Assessment Panel

In 2013, the CAA released a proposed General Direction for consultation on the subject of Impaired Colour Vision (PDF) After numerous requests from interested parties for extensions to the period for submissions, the final closing date for submissions was finally set at 1 July 2015.

As part of the consultation process required under s27G (2) of the Civil Aviation Act, and to inform his consideration of any submissions received on the matter, the Director established a review Panel comprising individuals with experience in aviation medicine, optometry, vision science, and flight operations.

The Panel was provided with a copy of the proposed General Direction and copies of all submissions received on the matter to inform its considerations. It also heard from some submitters in person.

Report of the Colour Vision Deficiency General Direction Assessment Panel (PDF 2.4 MB)

Role of the Panel

To assesses the content of submissions received on the proposed General Direction and provide the Director with written advice on the proposal. The panel was not assigned any decision-making authority.

Panel Membership

The Panel comprised the following:

  • CAA General Manager General Aviation (Panel Chair)
  • External senior industry Flight Examiner with experience in airline and general aviation operations
  • External Medical Examiner
  • External optometry and vision science specialist with experience in colour vision matters
  • CAA Chief Legal Counsel

Next Steps

The report will be provided to the CAA Principal Medical Officer who will be offered the opportunity to review it and provide advice to the Director on its content. Given existing commitments, it is likely that no decisions will be made regarding the report or the associated proposed General Direction until late November 2016.

Reason for Publishing the Report

The report is published solely to provide interested parties with transparency around the outcome of the panel’s deliberations and the advice it has provided to the Director. The report is not CAA policy and the CAA will not consult regarding its content.