General Directions

A General Direction is a notice issued by the Director of Civil Aviation to specify the requirements for aviation medicine related matters for applicants of a medical certificate. A General Direction is issued after consultation with interested parties.

Temporary Medical Conditions

The Director of Civil Aviation is consulting on a proposed general directions to provide exceptions to the reporting requirements set out in section 27C of the Act for temporary medical conditions. The proposal aims to provide practical guidance on acceptable characteristics for particular medical conditions, to give participants information regarding when reporting is not required. These exceptions to reporting requirements, however, apply to participants who hold a current medical certificate, not to applicants for medical certificates. Applicants for medical certificates must still disclose their medical conditions for the purposes of the medical examination referred to in section 27D(1) of the Act.

Submissions closed 16 December 2018.

Proposed General Directions Notice 2018 Exceptions for Temporary Medical Conditions (PDF 241 KB)

Colour Vision Deficiency

The Director of Civil Aviation is consulting on a further proposal on how best to manage medical certificate applicants who are assessed as having colour vision deficiency. The Director consulted on a previous version of the general direction in 2017. In light of the feedback received from both domestic and overseas submitters, the Director is again seeking stakeholders’ views, particularly in light of the new proposal to allow those who fail the clinical tests to have the significance of their CVD assessed through an operational assessment. This proposed approach aligns closely with that adopted by the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States. The draft general direction includes information about the proposed content of the operational assessment and the way it would be administered.

Submissions closed 16 December 2018.

Summary of submissions - To be published March 2019
Proposed General Directions Notice 2018 Colour Vision Deficiency (PDF 148 KB)
Proposed General Directions Impaired Colour Vision - Summary of Submissions (PDF 118 KB)
Report of the Colour Vision Deficiency General Direction Assessment Panel


Director's approval for use of the PREDICT cardiovascular assessment tool (PDF 454 KB)
Timetable for Routine Examinations - General Directions Notice 2009 (PDF) - effective 01 Mar 09
Examination Procedures - General Directions Notice 2009 (PDF) - effective 01 Mar 09