How to Get a Medical Certificate

Process of Medical Certification

To apply for a medical certificate the applicant needs to organise to see a Medical Examiner. Please refer to the directory of medical examiners for someone in your region.

Directory of New Zealand Medical Examiners
Directory of Overseas Medical Examiners

An applicant is required to make a formal application for a medical certificate. It is the applicant's responsibility to accurately complete the 24067/001 Application for Medical Certificate form prior to the Medical Examiner commencing any examination, investigation, or assessment. Page 4 of the application form must be completed at the time of the examination. The Application for Medical Certificate is the responsibility of the applicant, the Medical Examiner should only write in the final section as witness to the applicant signing the form.

The Application for Medical Certificate contains sections requiring:

  • Identification and contact details;
  • Licence and certificate details;
  • Information concerning previous certifications and denials;
  • Information concerning offences;
  • Family history details;
  • Medical history questionnaire (yes / no format);
  • Details concerning nicotine and alcohol intake;
  • Details of medical practitioner consultations and medications;
  • Consent provisions;
  • Signature block for applicant and ME as witness.

Following the completion of the medical examination and any reports and/or tests that may have been requested the medical examiner will complete a medical assessment report.

The medical assessment report will inform the applicant of the decision made. If eligible the applicant will be issued with a medical certificate with any conditions or restrictions as may be appropriate.

If not eligible the applicant may, within 20 working days ask the convener in writing to review the decision.

When more investigations or reports are required the assessment will be deferred till those become available.