Meteorological products and services for civil aviation in New Zealand can only be provided by organisations certificated to do so by the CAA. Under Civil Aviation Rule Part 174 - Meteorological Service Organisations, the Meteorological Service of New Zealand (MetService) and the Airways Corporation of New Zealand (Airways) are certificated to supply various categories of services. The majority of such services are currently provided by MetService.

There is no formal requirement from government for MetService to provide meteorological services to domestic civil aviation. The CAA is the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Meteorological Authority in New Zealand, and, as such, gives exclusive license to MetService to carry out the operational requirements prescribed in ICAO Annex 3, Meteorological Service for International Air Navigation. This includes the provision of OPMET (TAFs, METARs, and SPECIs for Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch aerodromes, and SIGMETs for the New Zealand and Auckland Oceanic FIRs).

This area of the CAA’s web site is intended to provide an up to date overview on access to, use of, and interpretation of aviation meteorological information by all sectors of the New Zealand aviation community.

Met Blog - a web log designed to give you brief updates on what's happening in the world of meteorology.

Weather for Flight Planning

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Volcanic Ash

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Volcanic Ash Workshops - Reports


Form CA010 Volcanic Activity Report

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Meteorology for PPL Pilots

Meteorology for PPL Pilots
MetService has produced an ebook designed to help pilots pass their PPL Meteorology exam and make sound weather-based decisions.

Emerging Hazards

MET Symposiums

Meteorology Symposium 2

The CAA held the second of its Meteorology Forums on 3 October 2018. This event is intended to get all of the interested parties in one place to look at the overall MET situation, the issues and the developments both local and international. The formal objective is to better support the dynamism of aviation in the region, through a regular aviation MET industry meeting where the users, providers, and regulators can come together to co-ordinate and collaborate efforts with the objective of ensuring what is done, and what is developed, is optimal, responsive, and sustainable.

Reports and Presentations of Past Met Symposiums

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Weather-related Publications

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VFR Met Minima Card VFR MET Minima (PDF 293 KB)

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VFR Met GAP booklet VFR Met (PDF 1 MB)

This booklet covers all aspects of getting Met, to improve your weather-related decision making.

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Weather Card (PDF 209 KB)

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New Zealand Cloud Types poster New Zealand Cloud Types (PDF 1.2 MB)

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Aircraft Icing Handbook Aircraft Icing Handbook (PDF)
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