Aviation Concerns


To report an accident call: 0508 ACCIDENT (0508 222 433) 24-hour, 7-day, toll-free.

Report Occurrences Online, or send accident report forms to: ca005@caa.govt.nz

Aviation Related Concern

To report an aviation safety or security concern, that may include complaints, or allegations of suspected breaches of civil aviation legislation, call: 0508 4SAFETY (0508 472 338) available office hours (voicemail after hours), or email: isi@caa.govt.nz.

Low Flying

The minimum acceptable heights for flying are prescribed in Civil Aviation Rule 91.311 Minimum heights for VFR flights. Briefly stated, the minimum height an aircraft may operate over a city, town or settlement, is 1000 feet above the highest obstacle, except when taking off or landing. Generally, this is the height at which aircraft are flown when operated within the circuit of an aerodrome.

The minimum height over any other area is 500 feet. There are exceptions, such as aircraft operating within a low flying training area, agricultural aircraft operations, emergencies, and when the genuine purpose of the flight requires the aircraft to be flown at a lower height – such as police operations. Note that although rescue and police operations are sometimes carried out in specially marked helicopters, they can be carried out in any aircraft.

Aircraft Noise

Some noise complaints relate to low flying in breach of the Civil Aviation Rules. In this case, please notify the CAA, email isi@caa.govt.nz.

Some are about flights that are legal, but complainants believe the aircraft operator isn’t taking enough care to reduce noise for residents. In this case, you should contact the aircraft operator concerned directly or your local territorial authority.

Try to note the aircraft’s registration. It will be three letters (sometimes two on a helicopter), and sometimes preceded with “ZK-”.

If you know the registration, you may be able to find the operator’s name from the Aircraft Register. If the operator’s name isn’t visible, you can request this by emailing oia@caa.govt.nz.

Auckland, Wellington, and Paraparaumu airports have noise abatement procedures, and if you think an aircraft is flying in breach of those, email isi@caa.govt.nz.

More information, see Regulatory role of the CAA in relation to noise.

Aircraft Trails

Aircraft Trails

Aircraft Effluent Claims

Aircraft Effluent Claims

Helicopter Frost Protection

Helicopter Frost Protection - Information for the public, winegrowers, and helicopter pilots.