Aircraft Effluent Claims

Photo of effluent on carThe CAA often receives complaints between August and November about a foul smelling substance being splattered over people’s properties. The residents have asked whether this substance has come from an aircraft toilet.

The CAA has investigated these complaints and concluded that they are not aircraft related.

In the investigation, tests revealed that the substance was digested plant material. Expert opinion was also sought from a waterfowl biologist, who confirmed that these occurrences were most likely caused by waterfowl species, such as ducks, geese, etc.

During the nesting incubation period, August to October, the female will sit on her nest for a long period of time. The accumulated excrement is released when flying some distance from the nest.

On the other hand, it is virtually impossible for solid waste to exit an airliner’s toilet system.

For further information, see Aircraft Effluent Claims. This document also has some advice for people who are affected by such discharges.