Performance-Based Navigation (PBN)

Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) is a term used to describe the broad range of technologies that are moving aviation away from a ground-based navigation system toward a system that relies more on the performance and capabilities of equipment on board the aircraft.

It involves a major shift from conventional ground-based navigation aids and procedures to satellite-based navigation aids and area navigation procedures, which are more accurate and allow for shorter, more direct routes between two given points as well as more efficient takeoffs and landings.

New Zealand is introducing Performance Based Navigation (PBN), with the aim of achieving a full PBN operating environment by 2023. It began with the deployment of enroute, terminal and approach procedures within controlled airspace, and it will conclude with uncontrolled airspace by 2023. Using PBN provides safety, operator, environment and societal benefits. The NZ PBN Implementation plan was revised in 2017, see below.

New Zealand PBN Implementation Plan - Revised 2017

PBN - Definition and Abbreviations

ICAO Presentations

PBN - Update Briefing

PBN - Overview

NextGen/SESAR - Gap Analysis

ICAO PBN resources

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