RNP AR Users Group Meeting 2011

The Required Navigation Performance Approval Required (RNP AR) users group met in Wellington in February 2011. The papers presented are below.

PBN Study Group Update CAA of NZ 125 Kb
ICAO and CASA Update CASA 547 Kb
RNP AR Interdependence between Stakeholders CASA 27 Kb
Interdependence between Stakeholders (CASA) CASA 1.3 Mb
Emirates Update 2011 Emirates 710 Kb
Implementation of Terminal Area RNP Airservices 186 Kb
New Zealand Activities CAA of NZ 122 Kb
Queenstown Departures CAA of NZ 6.3 Mb
Air New Zealand RNP Air NZ 1 Mb
RNP AR and Air Traffic Management Boeing 900 Kb
Qantas RNP-AR Data Review Qantas 1.3 Mb
PANS OPS vs DOC 9905 RNP AR Airways 1 Mb