Expired Licences

Attention flight instructors and holders of licences issued before 1992

Over the last month, the CAA has received numerous BFRs from non-licence holders. Here’s how this has happened.

Civil Aviation Rules, Part 61 Pilot Licences and Ratings was introduced in November 1992 with a new lifetime licensing system.

As part of the changeover process, each person who held a PPL, CPL or ATPL at that time who wished to continue to exercise the privileges of their licence, was required to apply to exchange their old-type licence for a Part 61 equivalent. This process was to be completed when their old-type licences became due for renewal.

For various reasons, not everyone exchanged their licence in the required time frame. So those people no longer held a pilot licence of any type.

That is why the BFR form requests that instructors sight the Part 61 lifetime licence.

Provision was made in the Civil Aviation Act 1990, however, that if a person’s old licence had not expired on the date the Act came into force on 1 September 1990, the old-style NZ flight crew licence issued under the Civil Aviation Regulations 1953 is considered to be ‘saved’ by the Act.

For those whose licence has been saved by the Act

To be eligible for a Part 61 licence, some evidence is required of having held the old-style licence. For example, the old licence plus the associated licence validity certificate with an expiry date after 1 September 1990 would meet this criteria.

Two NZ exams need to be passed: Air Law and Human Factors.

In addition, a NZ Medical and Biennial Flight Review with a Category A or B flight instructor is required.

Then you can apply using form 24061/01, but you don’t need to provide items 1 (FPP), 10 (type rating) or 11 (English language).

For those whose licence has NOT been saved by the Act

All the requirements of a Part 61 licence issue are required.

If your logbook can be provided, then any flight time correctly logged may be used toward the licence experience requirements of Part 61.


If you’re not sure how the Act relates to your particular case, please email licensing@caa.govt.nz.