Flight Training Review

Australian-based aviation specialist company Aerosafe Risk Management has completed an independent review of New Zealand’s flight training industry.

Commissioned by the CAA, the review is part of a dedicated effort to fully understand and resolve concerns about safety performance in the flight training sector.

The Aerosafe report includes a detailed description of New Zealand’s changing flight training sector since 2000, its dramatic growth, and the work done by the CAA and the aviation industry in response.

The report recommends the CAA considers further strengthening rule and examination requirements, bolsters its analysis of flight training safety data, and seeks to decrease the complexity of some airspace. The recommendations confirm issues identified by the CAA in its Statement of Intent 2011-2014.

The CAA here publishes the Aerosafe report, comments on its recommendations, and advises the actions it is taking.

Flight Training Review (PDF)

CAA Actions in Response to Aerosafe Report (PDF)

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