New-look Personnel Licences

The CAA has introduced new-look, credit card-size, personnel licences.

The new licence cards have built-in security features such as a 3-D hologram overlay and other tamper-resistant features. They contain the same information that is on current licences.

Picture showing example of new-look personnel licence

Existing licence holders are not required to change over to the new-look licences unless they wish to do so. The fee is the same as the current fee for a replacement licence.

To exchange your licence for a new-look one:

  1. Complete application form CAA 601.
  2. Include your current licence, and fee  with the application.
Your new licence will be posted out when processed – allow at least 10 working days from date of receipt for processing application. You will need to sign your new licence in the signature panel on the back of the licence when you receive it.
CAA601 (PDF) Application for exchange to new format Licence