Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs)

Portable electronic devices have become a significant part of most people’s lives and there is increased demand for people to be in constant contact with their portable electronic devices for work, entertainment or communication.

Some airlines are able to determine that non-transmitting portable electronic devices can be safely used during critical phases of flight on some of their modern aircraft. However other aircraft, particularly older models, will still require that portable electronic devices are turned off during critical phases of flight.

Given that not all aircraft are the same, it is particularly important that passengers follow crew instructions and the CAA will consider strong enforcement action against passengers who do not comply with instructions regarding the use of portable electronic devices.

Airlines can also apply to the Civil Aviation Authority to allow transmitting portable electronic devices on aircraft, if they can determine that this can occur without causing interference with the avionic and navigational equipment.

To learn more about the CAA approach to the regulation of portable electronic devices, see:

Portable Electronic Devices (PDF)