Regulatory Policy

The CAA Policy and Regulatory Strategy Unit develops policy, rules, and guidance material related to the safety and security of New Zealand aviation. This is separate from the Operational Policies that drive decision making in the CAA.

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Issue Assessment Process

Issues with our aviation regulatory system can arise. For example, technology or international requirements may change, or our existing regulatory requirements could be resulting in unintended safety or economic outcomes.

The issue assessment process provides a formalised way to address these issues. Key steps include:

  • Determining the root cause or problem driving the issue, and the associated risk.
  • Identifying and assessing options to resolve the problem.
  • Development of an issue assessment paper with recommendations.
  • Decisions by a senior Review Panel, made up of CAA General Managers.
  • Implementation of agreed actions.

Anyone can raise an issue for assessment using CAA Form 24011/01. See Rule Projects in Progress for current petitions to raise a regulatory issue.

The process is supported by the Aviation Community Advisory Group, a representative body that provides advice, technical input, and feedback on the issue assessment process from an aviation community perspective.

The issue assessment paper may recommend that further policy investigation is required. This will involve a more rigorous assessment of the problem, and analysis of the options and impacts of any intervention.

Often, policy investigation will conclude that an action other than a rule amendment would be more effective in addressing the issue. That could include revising Advisory Circulars, initiating education campaigns, developing promotional material, issuing an exemption, or working directly with certain operators. Where that is the case, the CAA will work closely with relevant experts, including through industry consultation, to ensure accurate and effective information is provided.

If an issue assessment indicates that a rule amendment may be a good option, the CAA will establish the policy intent behind any rule change. This includes consultation with affected people and industry experts. Any rule changes are subject to the Minister of Transport’s agreement and approval. For more information see About the Civil Aviation Rules and The Rule Development Process.

Current Civil Aviation Rule projects can be found on the Rule Projects in Progress page.

Industry Engagement and Consultation

We support the Aviation Community Advisory Group, which provides advice and feedback on policy issues and projects from an aviation community perspective.

International Engagement

We coordinate CAA engagement in the international aviation system, including:

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Government Support

We provide day to day government services, including CAA input into other Government projects affecting aviation. We also support the Ministry of Transport in the provision of advice and information to Ministers, Cabinet, Select Committees and Parliament.

Key government projects under way affecting aviation include:

Monitoring Change

We proactively monitor emerging safety and security issues that may affect the New Zealand aviation environment, including new technologies, domestic and international regulatory changes, and changes in the business environment.

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