Definition of a Crew Member Review

The CAA established a project in 2016 to review the definition of crew member and hire or reward. This followed assessment of an Aviation New Zealand petition that raised issues with that definition.

As a result of this work, the CAA has developed a preferred option to address these issues. It seeks to establish new risk-based definitions in the Civil Aviation Rules to better differentiate the types of persons on board an aircraft, specifically:

  • a flight crew member;
  • a supplementary crew member; and
  • a passenger.

Such an approach will allow the CAA to better target possible risks, such as operations being conducted without the necessary certification, and better tailor interventions when required.  It shifts the focus to the purpose of a specific operation, rather than the status quo based on the operation of the aircraft.

The CAA wants to hear what you think about this option, and what the benefits and any potential costs or risks are for your operation.

Next steps – have your say

Consultation is now open until 5 pm, 17 May 2018.  This is the first chance to have your say on this issue, and your time completing this survey is much appreciated.  

For more information

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