Review of pilot operating time-on-type for small air transport operations

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has commenced a project to review the time-on-type requirements for pilots-in-command of small air transport operations, as contained in Civil Aviation Rule (CAR) 135.505.

Feedback from the aviation community, and CAA experience, has revealed that CAR 135.505 may not be suitable for the highly variable cohort of pilots and organisations operating under Part 135.

From 7 February to 7 March 2017, the CAA undertook a survey to gather information from Part 135 operators about the implementation of CAR 135.505. The survey responses indicate that whilst the intent of the Rule is sound, overall it is not working as intended.

You can read about the survey responses in the documents below:

Infographic summary of CAR 135.505 survey responses (PDF 1.4 MB)

Comprehensive summary of CAR 135.505 survey responses (PDF 84 KB)

The survey responses will be used to inform further policy development on CAR 135.505. The CAA will consult with interested parties throughout the policy development process, so there will be plenty of opportunity to have your say.

Further information and updates will be added to this web page as the project develops.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Jessica Henderson (Senior Policy Advisor).