Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
02 Dec 2011


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Helicopter wreckage recovery at Karikari

Preparations are under way for a barge from Paihia to travel to the scene of the helicopter accident at Karikari. It is at least a 12-hour journey and the vessel is expected in the area early on Saturday morning. A dive team is also heading to the area from Paihia.

Once at the scene, the barge and diving teams will assess the site with CAA Safety Investigators and agree the best way to winch the wreckage of the Squirrel helicopter ZK-IMB from the water.

An initial dive will help establish the security of the vessel and its position in the water.

The timing of the recovery will depend on the sea and weather conditions at the time, but it is hoped that it will be possible some time tomorrow.

In the meantime, investigators are working to confirm details, such as where the wreckage will be taken once recovered.

Further information as to the timing of the operation can be expected tomorrow morning.

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