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Date 03 Dec 2011


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Karikari helicopter wreckage successfully recovered

Karikari helicopter wreckage recovery

Karikari helicopter wreckage recovery

Karikari helicopter wreckage successfully recovered
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The wreckage of the Squirrel helicopter ZK-IMB has been successfully recovered from the sea, about 1km off the coast of the Karikari peninsula.

The wreckage was lifted slowly on board by the barge’s crane in half metre swells and about 18 knots of wind.

CAA Safety Investigator Paul Breuilly said the entire wreckage was successfully retrieved during the operation , which took about one hour this afternoon.

The wreckage has now begun a very slow journey toward Paihia on board the barge. It is expected to arrive about mid-morning tomorrow, but this will depend on tides and sea conditions.

Once at Paihia, CAA safety investigators will ensure the wreckage is safely loaded onto a truck for the onward journey to secure storage at Auckland Airport, for closer inspection.

In the meantime investigators are continuing with local interviews.

An update can be expected tomorrow morning, once it is known when the wreckage is likely to reach Paihia.

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